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We use the term refurbishment to mean any works that improve, bring up to date, and add value to your home. This covers a broad range but essentially it may be some or all of the following:

  • Modernisation of your property, bringing services and the fabric of the building up to date, using both traditional and modern materials.
  • Enhancing the spaces of your home, creating new spaces.
  • Adding a bathroom, new kitchen or toilet. Altering rooms for new functions and uses.
  • Modernizing a bathroom - bath/shower, sink, tiling or fitting a new kitchen and associated improvements.
  • Bringing traditional parts of a house back to their original beauty - paths, doorways, decorative tiling, wood flooring.

The list is endless, but it's likely that you have a specific project in mind.

Give Rob Williams a call and he can visit you to assess the work and provide a quote, plus any additional ideas that might help you to realise your project.


Depending on your property, the first stage of any refurbishment project is to make a proper assessment of the current condition of the area of works.


If you have had a survey carried out when you purchased your property, this will reveal the type of construction used across different parts of the house. This is very important to note, as it will affect the type and extent of any alterations that can be made and the materials and techniques that are appropriate. Using the wrong renovation techniques can lead to extensive damage to an old building.

If the building is to be remodeled or extended it is also essential to get a measured survey of the building.

RW1Build can assist and guide you through the process and help you to develop each stage of the project including stabilising the structure, demolition and salvage, resolving damp issues, improving drains and other services, carrying out major structural work and extensions, make weather tight, exterior decoration, external works, first and second stage fix and decorating, tiling, installing wooden/slate floors. For specialist work on certain key areas, we will suggest an external contractor to carry out the work and we will manage the process so it dovetails with our works.


Where you are intending to simply modernize your bathroom, kitchen or any other specific part of the house, we would still want to assess the area properly, and guide you as to whether any key alterations need to be made beforehand. However, it's usually the case that the works are straightforward. Essentially, we want to make sure that before we carry out any refurbishment work, that are aren't any underlying issues that may adversely affect it later.

So, right from the outset, we can take your ideas and help you develop them, to achieve what you want. Most of the work is carried out by our team, but where specialist skills are required, we will source an expert. This might apply to intricate carpentry, stonework or metal work for example. You may have a feature that will form the central focus of a room, and our build will work with that in mind.

For us the main point here is that we work to ensure everything fits together, both literally and aesthetically, to give you the result you want, at the most reasonable price and with the least inconvenience possible.

You will see on this page some pictures of elements of the refurbishments we have undertaken for our clients.